2019 RMR 500 Weekend Update

2019 RMR 500 Weekend

Sign in will be from 2pm-3pm on Saturday September 21st in Cripple Creek in the lot at the corner of 3rd St & Myers Ave. You will be given your route and safety packet at this time. Vehicles will be displayed in the order they arrived. Voting, games, music, and other festivities to follow. There will be a briefing during our Saturday evening festivities, that will cover everything from safety to trail etiquette. It is requested your vehicles stay displayed until voting has finished at 8pm. You are more than welcome to keep your car in the lot overnight especially since nobody should drink and drive and Cripple Creek has set up a transit situation for us. There are plenty of incredible hotels in Cripple Creek to keep you and your team well rested for the day of driving. We do however recommend Brass Ass, Midnight Rose, or McGill’s you can book a room for any of the three at https://www.triplecrowncasinos.com/accommodations/. If you have an RV you will get a special 10% off when you mention the Rocky Mountain Rambler 500 upon booking your RV stay with the Cripple Creek Hospitality House and Travel Park. However if you came to the RMR 500 with tent and sleeping bag, we have the entire tent camping area of the Lost Burro Campground (tent camping is first come, first serve). We will begin Sunday, September 22nd, with a brief briefing and staging onto 3rd St. out of the lots that were used Saturday (you can leave your car there overnight or bring it back in the morning.). Please keep in mind THIS IS NOT A RACE. We do have some excellent paths through Colorado that are going to be plenty challenging along the way, with several checkpoints to deal with, to add to the excitement. Sunday night is the night to celebrate success as you pull into your reception at Copperhead Road in Colorado Springs, which is the official finish line. Over a few hours we will have drinks, music, awards, and trophies. Be sure not to miss out on this, even if your vehicle fails you on the course we want to celebrate the day with you at the after-party.

Weekend Plan

Friday: While there are no official RMR activities on Friday, we encourage you to come check out Cripple Creek and it is likely you will see some of us up there.

Saturday: Early sign in and camp setup will be at the Lost Burro Campground between 11 am and noon on Saturday morning. Please only show up at this time if you will be tent camping. Space is limited for campsites so please be sure to be there if you hope to get a campsite. Cripple Creek is a small town with gambling and plenty of stuff to do, including some of our favorites;

Molly Kathleen Gold Mine

Cripple Creek and Victor Narrow Gauge Railroad

Cripple Creek District Museum (Discount available for RMR Participants)

Old Homestead House Museum (Historic Cripple Creek Brothel)

For more ideas on what to do in town visit the Cripple Creek Website to learn more.

3 pm will be official sign in and start to the festivities of the 2019 RMR 500. We will be getting vehicles lined up and parked during this time as well. Please do not pull your support vehicles into the lot, only participating jalopies. Voting, music, and some free games will be set up for teams to participate in. Voting and last call will be at 8:30 that evening (since we do have an early morning). Feel free to enjoy Cripple Creeks nightlife and leave your participating car in the lot overnight as it is only one block off of the main street and there will be public transport to and from the campground.

SUNDAY: Lineup will begin at 7 am and launch sequence will begin shortly after, last car will leave no later than 10 am. Make sure your camp is cleaned up and you are ready to go by then. You will travel through Cripple Creek again during the day, so feel free to stop in for lunch, fuel, and stretching your legs, remember this is not a race. Finally after many hours of challenging your $500 masterpiece in the mountains you will descend down into Colorado Springs and enjoy our Award Ceremony at Copperhead Road and everything should wrap up between 9 pm and 10 pm that evening.

Please feel free to message us on our FACEBOOK or email us at info@rockymountainrambler500.com if you have any questions, concerns, or comments prior to the event.

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