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Jan 2



Last year we got to see what the RMR community is made of. Everything from a JOKER themed Miata, a Subaru that looked like the Family Truckster, and a crazy awesome custom roofless minivan with a crew to match. With the #2019RMR500 just around the corner we would love to start seeing some of what you got going on. This page is for a lot more than the finished product. We want to see what goes into making your creation unique. Post here and SHOW US WHAT YOU GOT!

I can't wait to be a part of this and I have just the car for it, an '84 Subaru GL wagon with a Kubota 3Cyl turbo diesel powering it. I paid $200 for the car and made my own bellhousing adapter and mounts. The engine is out of a commercial pressure washer lol.


This is our entry and potential mascot for this year's event! We're going to add some safety features and equipment and a fresh coat of Shake-N-Shoot and we'll be ready for race day! Super stoked about this! It's gonna be crazy fun!

James Bondo is all signed up. $43.00 66 Mustang with Tacoma suspension.



i am ready to go! got this bad boy for 500 cash, no AC, no heat, but no check engine lights!

New Posts
  • Where will most of the teams be camping before the race? -Team Angry Circus
  • Does my entire team need to be there on the 21st to check in, or can they just come on the 22nd for the actual race? I've never done this race before, can my dog ride along in the actual race car? I have no idea what to expect from the challanges and if the pupper would be helpful or a hinderance.
  • I purchased the Impreza for 500 for my son to learn to drive, then it was stolen. so it has depreciated. This pick was taken during the CSPD recovery! Can’t wait to rally! I’ll be car #8️⃣0️⃣0️⃣8️⃣5️⃣