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Rocky Mountain Rambler 500

September 16th-18th, 2022

Event Overview

Friday Night- check-in at Campground. Catch up with old pals, make some new ones.

Saturday Morning-Trash Bash Trail Cleanup competition

Fun Fest in Victor, CO 2pm-8pm

Sunday Morning -Offroad scavenger hunt. Afterparty at Campground.

More Details

-Pricing: $50 per car and $25 per teammate and includes exclusive 2022 event shirt for all participants. So get your gang together and get signed up!

-The Grey Wolf Resort near Victor, CO has been reserved for participants of this year's event for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. New for this year, we will be charging $10 per person that chooses to camp instead of staying at a local hotel or casino.

-We have have made changes to the previous itinerary to provide more flexibility for participants locally and those that cross several state lines to be here.

-Friday evening is check-in and the opportunity to relax before the festivities. If you're a multi-year vet you will see many familiar faces, if you are a first timer, you're about to make a bunch of new friends.

-Saturday morning will be our improved Trash Bash trail clean up competition. You will have the opportunity to get a taste of the off-road in your beaters and navigate to some areas in need of a little Rambler love. Teams will bring their haul back to Victor for a weigh in, with the team that recovers the most trash recieving a prestigious trophy!

The weigh-in will kick off the Victor takeover and funfest- with live music, beer gardens, insane oversized yard game competitions, and more! And of course you will still be the deciding vote on which cars go home with the ridiculous ramblers' choice awards.

-Fun Fest is available to spectators of all ages.


-Sunday morning, everyone gets lined up in Victor to launch our Off-road Cruise and Scavenger hunt. We will have an afterparty and awards ceremony rolling at the Campground when everyone gets back!

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